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Justo Blanco

FOUNDER & executive chef

With 16 years of food and beverage experience and 12 years of event experience in social and corporate settings, it is safe to say that Chef Justo Blanco is well qualified to help make your event an outstanding one. As a result of his vast knowledge, Justo is capable of creating a unique and special affair that is sure to surprise and delight your guests. 

Extremely well-traveled, Justo’s takes his inspiration from the places he has visited. From Europe to Southeast Asia to South America, he has been heavily influenced from each culture and the culinary knowledge he acquired in each country. He loves creating dishes that relate to the experiences he has had in his life and as he says, he prefers to work from the heart - something he believes helps elevate the dishes that he thoughtfully prepares. 

Over the years, Justo has encountered his fair share of unexpected challenges; he particularly enjoys the opportunity to rise to the occasion and overcome any obstacle in order to make events successful.


Jennifer Fordham Blanco


Born and raised in Louisiana, Jennifer Fordham Blanco has loved design since she was a child. Knowing that she wanted a career in design, she attended high school at the Louisiana School for Math Science, and the Arts. From there she went on to Baylor University and studied Interior Design. Jennifer built her career in Dallas, Texas and has developed a reputation as one of the city’s leading designers and project managers. Her talent and obsession with turning blank spaces into efficient, organized and beautiful settings has catapulted her across the country where she works with other designers to refine their craft and drive success.