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Our Philosophy

How many time have we been there? We show up to an event or party, and our expectations are shattered. Perhaps we were improperly dressed, maybe we had envisioned a more intimate affair. I’m sure we have even been to an event expecting to be fed enough to avoid dinner plans

Somewhere along the line, you, as a guest, were failed. This failure likely wasn’t a lack of budget, or faulty intentions, but improper event planning. The guests expectations did not matchup with the host’s execution.




Our group of planners helps you avoid the avoidable. That’s why our first question will always be, “What are you trying to accomplish?”. Why? Once we have a firm grasp on your overall goals, we know exactly how to fill in any gaps. Be it food and beverage, hospitality, entertainment, equipment, or logistics, Familia Events is there to be of service.